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Welcome, and thank you for visiting Holy Apostles Church online.  Our parish offers a wide variety of worship, fellowship and service opportunities for all.  Come in for a  visit!  We would love to greet you and share with you our love for Jesus Christ and for you, our neighbor!
Fr. Tony Mugavero

We are pleased to announce that Holy Apostles are open on weekends
Saturday 4:00 PM English
Sunday 9:30 AM English
             11:30 AM Spanish

Tuesday and Friday: 12:10 pm English
Wednesday and Thursday: 8:00 am English
Tuesday: 7 pm Spanish
With a capacity of 25%  (125 people max. Click the link below for more information).

Mass August 5 - Father Tony

Start your week with God!


I'm happy to announce that it is in light of this, Holy Apostles are giving you a gift called "Formed", and it is almost like a Catholic Netflix with so many Catholic movies and videos, dramas and conversion stories, documentaries, presentations of so many men and women of faith and the lives of the saints; trips to Catholic shrines and places in Catholic history; Biblical studies and teachings; prayers, devotionals and music; teachings of the Church, the mass and the sacraments; as well as conversations about the issues people might be struggling with today ... This is a virtual "Treasure Chest" of resources that are well done and available to you, directly in your own home!

Mass Intensions for 8/4  - 8/9 

Tues 8/4 – Lorena Ganzini – John & Mary Ellen Peck 

Tues 8/4- Spanish – Peace On Earth 

Wed 8/5 – Margaret LaPorta -George Faris 

Thurs 8/6 – Reeners & McAndrews – Edward & Elaine Reeners 

Fri 8/7 – Louis Siciliano – Mary Lou & Joseph DeSpirito 

Sat - 8/8 – Basilia Rivera – Yolanda Nunez 

Sun - 8/9 – Remember The Children 

Sun - 8/9 - Spanish – People of the Parish, Living & Deceased 

                                 Bishop Matano's letter to the faithful about the                                 reorganization, which also includes a document                               detailed FAQ that explains the Chapter 11                                           presentation and process, as well as discussion points to help you. You can see other materials, As Key Information about the reorganization, the press release, a special video message from the Bishop and information about our environmental security efforts on a special public website that we have created:

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Elizabeth Thompson

Community Outreach and Senior Advocate

(800) 324-9349

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